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Lily-pad / Water lilum / Nymphaeaceae

About 'Lilypad9000'

Date of creation: '05-06-27
Expiry date: ∞
Product description: "my name is lily,born in canadia june 27. I'm hapa. I consider myself to be a christian,
I have a special fascination for the macabre and the concept of organized religions, the paranormal and
nature's lifecycle. while writing this I'm currently reading about gnosticism and the order of nine angles
(yes I know what the order of nine angles is but I think its interesting to read aboout no I am not a satanist
or a nazi). In the future I plan to go to mortuary school and be a mortician so I can sew up mouths and
drain the masses of their fluids(yum). I listen to mostly cut up electronic(a), hardcore and darkwave tho
i have a sweet spot for that classic goth rock stuff.
:) Friends call me repulsive, 'ripe', and revolting. (It's
best to keep your distance)."


Lilum is feeling...The current mood of lilypad9000 at www.imood.com

"Anarchism stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion and
liberation of the human body from the coercion of property; liberation from the shackles and restraint
of government. It stands for a social order based on the free grouping of individuals." -Emma goldman

animal liberation=human liberation.i believe in the utter DESTRUCTION, HUMILIATION , and SUBMISSION of unjust hierarchies
meaning the abolishment of the hierarchy between us humans and animals, men and women,the bourgeois and the worker, etc. Ⓥ

Things i like

I like collecting music, i like coca cola normale,i like lil b the based god. I like wearing button up shirts,i like synths and i like public transportation, I like guns (not the NRA), i like garfield, non-fiction literature and decentralization, i like stringy hair,i like sharks and monkeys and hamsters, I like yume nikki, I like terry davis(Rest in Peace).....i love my blazer. My favourite colour is purple, also I like reviewbrah (the dapper gentleman, andbald guyds with thinly shaved buzzcuts.

things I hate

I hate cars, i hate carnists,i hate led strip lights, I hate people who use things they know nothing about solely for aesthetics, i hate "aesthetics", I hate hair hygiene,I hate hiveminds especially the ones that market themselves as a GROUP of unique individuals, i hate tarantino's filmography,i hate "hustlers", I hate the male gaze and I hate green day.

socials/contact:telegram, or via email.

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..Reality is a nice place but i wouldn't want to live there.