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Lily-pad / Water lilum / Nymphaeaceae

About 'Lilypad9000'

Date of actualization: '05-06-27
Make: istp, 5w4
Bio.: "my name is Lilu(m), born in canadia june 27, chinese + french. I have a special fascination for the macabre, the arcane, and nature's lifecycle.
i find i have indefinite 'religious' feeling and some suspicion but have yet to find a mode of life that i feel a rapport with. while writing this I'm
currently reading about gnosticism and the order of nine angles (yes i know what the order of nine angles is i think its interesting to read about no
I am not a satanist or a nazi). In the future I plan to go to mortuary school, and sate my insatiable desire to sew the mouths and drain the fluids of the masses(yum). those aquainted call me repulsive, 'ripe', and revolting. (It's best to keep your distance)."


Lilum is feeling...The current mood of lilypad9000 at www.imood.com

"We have two paths: either capitalism dies or Mother Earth dies. Death to capitalism!" -Evo Morales, 65th President of Bolivia, leader of the Movement for socialism.

animal liberation=human liberation.i believe in the utter DESTRUCTION, HUMILIATION , and SUBMISSION of unjust hierarchies
meaning the abolishment of the hierarchy between us humans and animals, males and women,the bourgeois and the worker, etc. Ⓥ

film: nosferatu1922
tv:twin peaks
musician(s): LiLiPUT, the raincoats, severed heads, dead can dance, saccharine trust, einsturzende neu.
music player(s): coby discman, spotify, mini discman, foobar2000, sony walkman, home record player
artist(s): barbara kruger, paul klee, maude lewis, guerrilla girls, francis bacon, jon arbuckle
record labels: iron lung records, dischord
writer(s): hans jonas, mark fisher, some others.. ..
colour: purple
game: yume nikki, garfield rush
public figures: emma goldman, catherine doughty
anime: watamote, madoka magica, ebichu :p
instrument: synth
character(s): abbie porter, raven (teen titans), garfield, goth fluttershy

Things i like

I like collecting music, i like coca cola normale,i like lil b the based god. i like public transportation, i like the industrial, I liked pointed-toe shoes, i like latex and pvc. I like montpellier qc. i like wet specimens, i like stringy hair,i love my blazer. I like reviewbrah(the dapper gentlemanne), big suits, and guyds with thinly shaved buzzcuts.

Things i hate

I hate cars, i hate carnists,i hate led strip lights, i hate the overly analytic, I hate round-toed shoes, i hate capitalist hegemony, i hate boys and how they stare, i hate how civilization has been construed and twisted through the masculine lense, i hate how ugly it all is.

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..Reality is a "nice" place. but I wouldn't want to live there.

SONG: We have come to Bless the House by Severed Heads