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Music collection and recs👽 ☮ ☮


my favourite band is severed heads

..Otherfavourites are kleenex, aurat, arca, cabaret voltaire, the raincoats, coil, medio mutante, ash code, carly rae jepsen, ian mackaye, children on stun, dead can dance, lil b, switchblade symphony, warthog, the sound, anal cunt, dollhouse, desechables, machine girl, the space lady, saccharine trust, fear factory, the wake, grimes, the danse society, skinny puppy + lots mor

My favourite labels are static shock, iron lung and dischord records

Favourite albums/eps

rest in peace seth putnam

My all time favourite song :p

some other favourites (Support them on bandcamp☆)

favourite music vids

(to b continued)